Tendencias de decoración, verano 2021

Decoration trends, summer 2021

After the past 2020, we have realized all the time we spend at home. Therefore, being a place where we spend so many hours, we must take care of it and keep it beautiful. In this way we will be able to feel comfortable in a home that transmits us calm and security.

The design trends for summer 2021 are loaded with fresh ideas that you can capture in your home, always adapting them to your style, space and budget. They present a style in which light tones predominate with touches of color, attaching great importance to nature and the rugs stand out above of any other decorative element. Depending on your personality and tastes, you will be able to find your own style by following these trends.

Bright spaces. We must create environments that, making the most of natural light, favor luminosity. This happens with neutral tones, using white as the main color. Elements such as wood or wicker also provide warmth, creating welcoming spaces. For these environments, we recommend that you place simple furniture and pay special attention to decorative elements, as they make the space more special thanks to their small details. You can combine them with our collection of minimalist rugs, either in neutral colors, so as not to break the harmony, or in stronger colors to give a touch of color and create a more daring environment.

Nature. The situation we are experiencing has made us value nature even more and has strengthened our bond with it. For this reason, in this summer 2021 earth and green tones are beginning to gain more prominence. The decorative elements that comply with this style convey tranquility and will make your room the most welcoming.

This change of season will give you the push you needed to dare to redecorate your home with small decorative elements. You can place small plants or evenvines. Would you like to create a vertical garden but you don't have a hand for plants? Try placing and combining our paintings with plants and flowers. Create the perfect composition for a renewed environment that transmits peace.

Country style. As we have already mentioned, spending so much time at home has created the need to be more in contact with nature. One of the trends this summer is to get our urban home to make us forget about the stress of our pace of life and transport us to a vacation home in the countryside. To do this, you can place plants and flowers, as well as paintings and rugs. The abstract paintings, of landscapes or botany fit perfectly in this type of environment.

Betting on the rugs. Hydraulic, minimalist, original...anything is a good option to give your home a new look in summer! Aim for this trend if you want to cover your floor but can't make big changes. Vinyl rugs are the most comfortable and cheapest alternative in terms of quality/price.

This summer forget about traditional rugs and choose vinyl rugs. They are perfect for this season because, while they decorate your floors, they insulate from the heat. In addition, you can place them inside your home or outdoors, either on your terrace or in your garden.With all these advantages you will have no excuse!

Make the most of your terrace Now that we know that having a terrace or balcony, no matter how small, is a reason for celebration, we can make the most of it with small decorative elements. Before we decorate it, we need to keep in mind its size. You can place chairs, hammocks and sofas, and don't forget the vinyl rugs! With these elements you can create a casual atmosphere ideal for summer nights and a drink with your loved ones. To do this, don't forget the coasters! We have different models so you can find the one you like best. If you have a wall that you want to decorate, be sure to place pictures that give that even more summery touch. You can place, for example, boxes with motivating phrases; with city maps, so that they remind you of the places where you have traveled or want to travel; or paintings with landscapes, among many other models. The options are endless!

Window clings. If you don't want sunlight coming directly through the window, put window clings on your panes. They are perfect for ffiltering heat input and direct light. In addition, they prevent reflections and protect you from ultraviolet light. In addition to all these advantages, they prevent you from having to put up curtains or blinds, because they provide the privacy you need. Take a look at all our designs, they range from the most minimalist to the most modern, do you dare with any?

Are you already preparing your house for this coming season? What trends do you plan to follow? Dare to apply them in your home and share it with us through our Social Networks - Instagram and Facebook -, you can find us on both as @homeandliving .is.