Nueva colección de El Principito

New collection of The Little Prince

Le Petit Prince, also known as The Little Prince is one of the best-known works of French literature worldwide. It was written by the writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and published in 1943, both in English and French. This novella has also become one of the best-selling books of all time, having managed to sell more than 140 million copies worldwide, surpassing one million of sales per year. This story is accompanied by illustrations made with watercolors by Saint-Exupéry himself. At Home and Living we bet on them to create the best designs for decoration items that will adorn your home. Keep reading and get to know our rugs, paintings, adhesive vinyls, vinyls for windows and tiles.


A The Little Prince vinyl rug is a decorative item that cannot be missing from your home. You can place it in your room or that of the little ones, living room, kitchen or terrace and fill each room with fantasy. Transport yourself to asteroid B 612 and immerse yourself in this story in which the characters teach values ​​as important as friendship and love.

You don't have to be a child to want to place these rugs in your home. We offer designs both colorful and more neutral, so they can fit in with the environment you want to create.

They will look great both in children's rooms as well as in places where you want to create a more informal and casual atmosphere< s3>, Don't be afraid to bring out your inner child!

You can use the rugs from The Little Prince both in interior and in outside, because they have a great weather resistance, when use and at cleanup. In addition, they are antiallergic, water resistant and easy to clean. clean.

They are available in the sizes: 40x80 cm, 60x110 cm, 80x150 cm, 80x200 cm, 80x250 cm, 80x300 cm, 120x170 cm, 160x230 cm, 200x200 cm, 200x250 cm and 200x300 cm. For round designs we have the sizes 100x100 cm, 150x150 cm and 190x190 cm.


This collection of paintings will fill your home with color and fantasy. They are perfect for any room in the house, although we could highlight children's rooms. Decorate your walls with your favorite characters from Le Petit Prince, such as the little prince, the fox or the rose. Observing these pictures, you will be able to let yourself go and bring out the child you carry inside.

They are available in the sizes: 50x70cm and 70x100cm in canvas and 30x21cm, 50x35cm, 70x50cm, 100x70cm in aluminum dibond. They are very easy to install! The Little Prince canvases include adhesive velcro points, while the aluminum dibond paintings include adhesive velcros and a metal adhesive hanger. You have no excuse not to get one, or several!


Plasma on your walls (or whatever surface you want) the story of the book The Little Prince which, crossing the universe, discovers the way in which adults see life and understand the value of love and friendship. These designs will give the special touch to any room and will remind you of the book that marked your childhood.

The The Little Prince decorative vinyl stickers are placed directly on the surface to be decorated As they are made of breathable bubble free vinyl, they will not create air bubbles and they will leave your walls, doors or furniture perfect. And if at any point you get tired of them and want to remove them, you don't have to worry, they don't leave any residue! Get rid of the monotony and create a special and original atmosphere with The Little Prince vinyls. Find the pack that best suits you!


Dare to give a different look to your windows, whether they are windows, doors or partitions with the The Little Prince window decals. They are suitable for windows, glass doors or shower screens, and thanks to them you will achieve greater privacy inside your home without sacrificing light , since let light through.

These The Little Prince stickers are ideal for placing in places frequented by children because, in addition to being beautiful, they have many advantages. Mainly, it will prevent tripping on the transparent lenses. In addition, protects against the negative effects of the sun, such as UV rays. Replace your curtains or blinds with The Little Prince window stickers and forget about traditional curtains or blinds.

They are sold in rolls that you can easily cut with a cutter or scissors to adapt them to the size you need. They are very easy to apply and do not need glue. Plus, it doesn't leave bubbles!


Do you want to decorate a children's bathroom or give yours a new look? What if you renovate the kitchen? The vinyl tiles of The Little Prince are the best alternative for decorating walls, bathrooms and even bedrooms, because they are high quality, easy to install and very cheap. Forget the traditional tile designs and opt for the Le Petit Prince designs, with which you will not have to spend a lot of time or money. In this collection of Little Prince decoration items you will find tiles with designs that show his characters and elements such as the rose or the stars. If you have little ones at home and you are thinking of decorating a bathroom for them, look no further! These are the perfect tiles for you. They are very resistant to moisture, splashes, grease, and temperature changes.

Choose the design you like the most and get to work! Putting it on is very simple, you just need to remove the film from the back and place them on top of the wall or old tiles, using these as a guide. You can combine the designs and make the compositions that you like the most. You will get a perfect result, since this vinyl does not create bubbles. The The Little Prince adhesive tiles are available in 4 standard market sizes: 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 20x20cm and 100x10cm borders.

We already know that “What is essential is invisible to the eye”, but with The Little Prince decoration your house will receive all eyes.

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