5 lugares idílicos para irte de vacaciones

5 idyllic places to go on vacation

After a year in which it has been very difficult to travel, we believe that in 2021 you can find the perfect time to do it. Take the calendar and start squaring dates to be able to enjoy the trips you have been dreaming of for so long. Although we know that everyone has their preferences and tastes are different, at Home and Living we want to propose the 5 most original and incredible destinations to travel to this year. Of course, with caution and following all measures! Keep in mind that these destinations are recommended from our point of view, but without evaluating the health situation of each country. Therefore, do not forget to consult it before choosing your next destination.

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In the Fanes-Sennes-Braies natural park, in a lateral valley next to the Val Pusteria, is the Lago Di Braies. Arguably one of the most impressive lakes in Italy, even in the world.

If you want to visit it, you should know that it is possible to walk around it observing the surrounding mountains from different points of view. Plus, you can rent a boat and float on the surface of its emerald waters! You can row to the opposite side of the lake or simply stay in the center of it contemplating the landscape. If you don't want to miss this activity, we recommend that you arrive early, before large groups of tourists arrive.

To the west of the lake there is also a chapel from 1904, whose history is curious, since during the Second World War a German commander chose it as a meeting place for a prisoner exchange. Also, there are different routes for hiking with these spectacular views. As you read, the excursions around Lake Braies are different and entertaining, and will arouse interest among the young and not so young. Do you dare?


Bali, talso known as the island of the gods, is a tourist destination located in the islands of Indonesia. Although it may seem like a small place, since it can be covered by car in a single day, it has great importance as a tourist destination. It is ideal both for those who are looking for adventures as a backpacker and for those looking to relax in a paradisiacal place. There are always things to do: you can visit the rice plantations, practice surfing on its beaches or other water activities or learn about its culture and its temples .

Bali is known to have more than 10,000 temples, and each one is unique. If you choose this destination, we recommend you spend a day (or more) to visit the temples. Among the most emblematic are: Pura Besakih, Pura Tanah Lot and Pura Luhur Uluwatu. In addition, their dance shows are well known, you can't miss them! And, of course, you can't miss out on visiting its paradisiacal white-sand beaches, where you can enjoy the sun and the sea, thinking only of relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Bali is also an area full of volcanoes, which are very important for tourism. You can make scheduled excursions to visit the craters, among which the climb of Mount Batur stands out.It should be noted that almost all the volcanoes on the island are still active, although they do not pose a danger to residents and tourists


Iis an impressive island characterized by its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, its pleasant climate and its mountains, without forgetting its people!. If you are passionate about the beaches you can not miss visiting Laalao, where you can see the most beautiful sunsets in all of Hawaii; Kolekole, surrounded by vegetation, and Holoholokai, where you can go diving and other water activities.

You can do water activities such as diving, surfing, kayaking or snorkeling; excursions through nature and guided tours. But what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience will be flying over the archipelago in a helicopter and observing it from above. It is an ideal destination to disconnect from your routine and connect with the tranquility of nature, what are you waiting for?


Before planning your trip, you should bear in mind that in Iceland the hotel infrastructure is not very extensive and, therefore, it is very important to book accommodation well in advance. To live a complete experience, you can bet on touring this paradise in a motorhome or, you can even stay in a tent.

Among the activities you can do are trekking or bathing in hot springs surrounded by nature. In addition, you can visit the glaciers, the black sand beaches or the volcanoes. It is recommended to visit Iceland in the summer months, although if the cold is not an impediment for you, do it when you prefer!


DWhere the mythical city of Petra is located, it is considered one of the wonders of the world. Its climate is semi-arid Mediterranean, so temperatures are mild. However, we recommend not visiting it during the rainy season: from February to March. If you travel in summer, do not forget your sunglasses and a cap or hat, you will need them! Although the summer nights there are also cold and it is advisable to pack a pair of sweaters in the suitcase.

You can't miss visiting the imposing Wadi Rum desert or the ruins of one of the best preserved Roman cities: Jerash. You can also visit biblical sites such as Mount Nebo, the Dead Sea or the Red Sea. Don't miss out on diving in Aqaba, one of the most impressive coastal cities.

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