Atrévete con los vinilos para ventanas

Dare with window decals

adhesive window decals are thin translucent films that you can adhere to the glass and let in light but, at the same time, provide privacy. That is, they allow you to have privacy without reducing the brightness.

They can be installed in any type of glazing. Therefore, they adhere to the glass of windows, showers, doors, shop windows or offices, among others.

It is a simple, cheap and practical way to protect the interior of the room from UV rays, since these translucent vinyls for windows They have the ability to reduce the impact of ultraviolet and infrared rays. In addition, they prevent glare and reflections.

The fact of avoiding reflections is perfect because they won't bother you when using screens or computers, and the visual effort will be much less.

This not only benefits people, but also the interior of the rooms, since protects the furniture from the effects of the sun, such as the discoloration and degradation of upholstery, floors of wood and furniture. The UV filter extends the useful life of the furniture, and is a factor to take into account, since, if it is kept in perfect condition for many years, you will save on decoration items.

The glass stickers are also very useful for generating energy savings and, consequently, a financial savings on the electricity bill. They decrease heat build-up and therefore avoid the need to turn on a fan or air conditioner. The interior temperature of the room or building will always be kept pleasant. In this way, the need to air-condition a room is considerably reduced. You will feel the increase in comfort the first moment you install it!

These glass door stickers are scratch-resistant, so your windows will always look perfect. They will also provide safety because in the event of glass breakage, the pieces will remain attached to the opaque vinyl and there will be less risk of cuts.

They are also more comfortable than curtains and blinds since once they are on you don't have to worry about anything else. Forget having to open and close the curtains and dust them. Take a risk with a less conventional decoration and use the glass stickers. As we have already mentioned, intimacy is very good, especially for premises, low-rise apartments, chalets. In addition, they contribute to improving the aesthetics of buildings with all the designs we offer. If you place them in an old building, you will give a new image without investing a lot of money. It is important to note that since there is no need to remove the windows, the residents or employees of these buildings will not have their daily lives disrupted.

These designs are intended for customization both for homes and for locals or offices. They will provide a more original and colorful look and will break up the monotony.

To place it, you simply have to glue it to the crystals and, if you wish, use a spatula to do so. As they are adhesive, you will not need to use soap and water.It is much simpler! Make sure the glass is clean, measure the window and cut the translucent vinyl if you need it, always leaving extra margins on the ends and hands to the construction site! Our vinyls are easily applied to any window or glass and are resistant to external light They are also of high quality and are prepared so as not to lose color or inside or outside the glass. They also require little cleaning maintenance.

At Home and Living we offer you various vinyl designs with 12 different sizes so you can adapt it to any glass. You will have no excuse! Our variety of glass stickers is very wide, from geometric, hydraulic, oriental, minimalist, children's patterns, to a Mondrian painting!

Dare with adhesive vinyl and make your windows works of art.

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