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Gray Geometric Hydraulic Carpet

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Alfombra Hidráulica Geométrica Gris Home & Living Alfombra Hidráulica Geométrica Gris Home & Living Alfombra Hidráulica Geométrica Gris Home & Living Alfombra Hidráulica Geométrica Gris Home & Living Alfombra Hidráulica Geométrica Gris Home & Living


Hydraulic vinyl rugs, with 100% original designs inspired by tiles, a new way to decorate your home and create new spaces to your liking. These tile rugs are ideal for use in the kitchen thanks to their antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. In addition, thanks to their great resistance and durability, they also work very well as rugs for outdoors, in the garden or on the terrace . This collection has twelve different designs, with color variations in each print, which will combine with your space whatever color it is and will help bring light and warmth.

In this collection, we have decided to renew the classic hydraulic vinyl mats, maintaining the essence of hydraulic design, but looking for new inspirations in more current motifs. The PVC rugs offer you the possibility of bringing design and trends to the spaces you want, they are easy to clean and resistant, so this cheap vinyl carpet will accompany you for a long time. In addition to the variety of designs, we have many sizes to choose from: small hydraulic mats, large hydraulic mats... ¡ The possibilities are endless!

Our hydraulic vinyl rugs help you decorate any room in your home: living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen... while They help you protect your floor. Although they work in any room thanks to their updated, minimalist design, they work great as a kitchen rug or outdoor rug , since they are waterproof and washable. To start decorating your home you just have to choose one of our designs hydraulic tiles, one of the colors and sizes we offer and extend it in your home to enjoy it.


  • Printed with resistant inks on high quality materials.
  • Composition: Sintasol 0.2 cm thick.
  • Anti-slip, antifungal, hypoallergenic and thermal insulation.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance (water and neutral soap).
  • Available in sizes: 40x80 cm, 60x110 cm, 80x150 cm, 80x200 cm, 80x250 cm, 80x300 cm, 120x170 cm, 160x230 cm, 200x200 cm, 200x250 cm and 200x300 cm.
  • Elegant design for any area of ​​the house, both inside and outside, and any environment.
  • Easy to install and remove. It is light and takes up very little space for storage.
  • Printed in Spain with the highest quality standards.

The vinyl rugs offer a new way to remodel your home easily and quickly. They are inspired by traditional tiles floors, but their large number of models, designs, sizes and colors make them very easy to implement in any home. In addition, they are respectful with the environment, since non-polluting methods are used during their manufacture and recycling.