Renueva de manera fresca y fácil tu casa

Renovate your home in a fresh and easy way

The key word for trends this spring 2022 is Biophilia:

“Trend that addresses the benefits of human interaction with the natural environment.”

The biophilia is introduced into interior design in a minimalist but warm way, which seeks to make us feel good and comfortable inside our home. To do this, it uses natural textures such as natural wood in large furniture and wicker and vegetable fibers in lamps, chairs and small decoration elements. To contrast them, you can use textures such as marble, cement and granite in rugs, paintings, kitchen fronts…

At Home and Living we know that the textures of natural stones are timeless and that is why we have several marbled pieces. This season is the ideal time to give them a try in your home.

The colors that we will see the most this spring will be tones extracted directly from natural environments: the blue of the sea, the green of the forests, tones land of the deserts… A quick way to implement these colors in your home can be through paintings or wallpapers with natural elements.

The combination of these colors with curved lines and organic shapes will sow a relaxing and calm atmosphere in your home, as well as contemporary.

Finally, following the way fashion is advancing today, we looked back to find shapes that mix and contrast with all this natural inspiration. This season, straight lines and industrial geometric shapes are not inspired by factories, but by traditional floors. The ceramic tiles, terracotta and mud are back to stay.

Even if you don't dare with a renovation, at Home and Living we have vinyl tiles that are very easy to install and won't damage the floor or the original wall.